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Vinayak Jawalkar is a creative writer from Chennai, India. His inspiration for writing started as a hobby during his school days. But, it was soon forgotten in the busy corporate life. He worked over a decade in various fields but missed something important – fulfilment. 

He started to blog about positive living and goal-setting in 2017. His short story “Is there a fitness coach in you?” was published in a magazine in 2018. 

He realised writing was his forgotten dream and began penning down his thoughts since then.

He believes writing is a path of limitless expression. He enjoys sharing his perspective with the readers, which gives him a feeling of satisfaction.


Vinayak Jawalkar’s debut Novella, An Unknown Trail is a spiritual fiction published in 2019. Whether you have an unfulfilled dream or live a life with no goals, this book is a must read. Grab a copy of this book to perceive your lost dream.


He has worked with global clients and has written on an array of topics that include but not limited to personal productivity, goal-setting, travel, parenting, and digital marketing. Check out his publications to learn about his expertise.


Vinayak Jawalkar started to blog about positive living in 2017. His first short story “Is there a fitness coach in you?” was published in 2018. Since then, he has been writing and there’s no looking back. Know more about Vinayak Jawalkar. 


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